Exciting to be a guest on a show for my professional society The American College of Healthcare Executives to chat about Healthcare Quality! Enjoy!

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Proud to share my first major textbook collaboration with colleagues! Learn more about US Healthcare! Listen to this special episode of the Improve Healthcare Podcast to learn more!

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Join me and Colleagues for a great American College of Healthcare Executives Webinar

February 2, 2022 11 a.m.–12 p.m. Central time

Over the past two years, healthcare systems have been stretched in ways unthinkable in recent memory. Many of the changes have resulted in reactive approaches to operations and patient safety. As the world and our industry settle in for living with changes brought on by the pandemic, we need to transition from reactive approaches to quality improvement and patient safety to a more proactive posture. This webinar will engage quality and patient safety thought leaders on how to manage the high-risk dynamics in the current era. Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss applicable approaches to medical safety learned from aviation threat and error management.

  • Identify key components of quality and patient safety programs that need review and vigilance due to current industry pressure and dynamics.

  • Review real-life experiences of emergencies in provision of care and discuss how to reset and address training and skills lapses.

Presented By:

  • Richard G. Greenhill, DHA, FACHE, Assistant Program Director, Graduate Certificates/Assistant Professor, Department of Healthcare Management and Leadership, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

  • Stephen Powell, DHA, CEO, Synensys

  • Daniel O. Wyman, MD, CMO, Synensys

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