Teaching Ethos 


To teach is to lead! - I find that the same principles and skills applied as a leader are relevant as a professor. Teaching is more than reading off PowerPoint slides and assigning papers. For me, it's about creating an experience to inspire each of my learners to embrace divergent systems thinking as life-long learners.

Thus, as a professor I practice the B's of leadership:

  • Be Present - through quick follow up to student inquiries, needs, and concerns.

  • Be Engaging - by creating material and using methods that invoke self-reflection and synthesis.

  • Be Compassionate - remembering that students are my stakeholders with full lives and struggles.

  • Be Consistent - staying true to standards for assignments and modeling the highest ethical behavior.

Teaching Courses 

For each of the courses listed, I have or continue to teach them on a regular interval. For some of the courses, I serve as the course lead as I am a subject matter expert in the area. Those courses can be identified by the acronym CL-SME.

Healthcare Management & Administration Courses

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Fundamentals of Project Management (Undergraduate)


The majority the change that takes place in healthcare is executed leveraging project management. This course introduces learners to the foundations of project management. We cover the full lifecycle of project formation based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge. PMBoK(c) My approach includes a blend of applied and theoretical knowledge; with emphasis on learning tools that they can use immediately. 

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Fundamentals of Health Informatics and Data Analytics (Undergraduate)


Students in this course are introduced to the basic foundations of medical information, its use, portability, and associated legislation. Privacy, security, and confidentiality are mainstays for student outcomes.

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Healthcare Strategy and Marketing (Undergraduate)

This course introduces students to marketing and strategic planning. They learn the foundations of both disciplines and how they overlap and work synergistically. Students are challenged to create deliverables to help them emulate real world market planning.


Principles of Management and Leadership (Graduate)

Leadership is the essential skill for healthcare administrators and our graduates. In this course, I focus on what I perceive is the substratum of great leadership – self-awareness. I take my students through various assessments and exercises to further refine their own awareness. This course introduces them to the various competencies and theories to help them grow as scholars and ultimately practitioners.


Quality, Safety, & Risk Management (Graduate)


The quality, patient safety, and risk management course is the essence of my professional being! This course gives students a deep understanding of quality and patient safety through culture of safety. I leverage my career expertise to raise their knowledge and skills to lead in this critical area!


Comparative Health Systems (Graduate)

Course Creator & SME

I created this course shortly after arriving in my role. It brings forward comparisons between various nations and our health systems. There are many lessons that we can learn about other health systems to improve upon our own. We focus on systems thinking and the dynamics that connect our nations’ health system to the rest of the world and vice versa.

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Organizational Behavior & Theory (Graduate)


This course explains theories associated with organizational structures and behaviors. It is probably one of my favorite to teach! Students work through cases to apply concepts and evaluate theories as they play out. They learn about complexity and causal factors associated with behavior, change, and structures. A very enriching course!


Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare (Graduate)


Every leader needs to understand the dynamics of strategic planning and marketing functions. This course introduces the concepts, tools, and techniques that leaders need to support and master the strategic planning process.


Healthcare Administration Capstone (Graduate)

The capstone signifies the culmination of hard work and academic mastery. Students are challenged to leverage the competencies and skills they have honed in the program and produce an implementable project. Completion is truly a milestone of achievement for the program!

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Healthcare Decision Sciences & Business Analysis (Graduate)


This course delivers skills for data management and analytics skills in support of healthcare organizations. It aids with learning toward patient safety and quality improvement, as well as population health management. Key topics include  advanced analytics, electronic clinical quality measures, value-based models and quality improvement science.

Texas Tech University Rawls College of Business School - Graduate Courses


Project Management Course


Certification Preparation


I created this curriculum for the TTU Rawls Business School to prepare STEM and Professional MBA's to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam. The exam is administered by PMI​. My course covers the 10 knowledge areas and give process groups for the Body of Knowledge.

Six Sigma Green Belt Course


Certification Preparation

I created this curriculum for the TTU Rawls Business School to prepare STEM and Professional MBA's to sit for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam. The exam is administered by IASSC​. This course covers the all aspects of the DMAIC process and includes Lean principles.

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